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Today was a wonderful day.
There was a presentation for Petroleum and Petrochemistry class where my groupmate and I presented on Cumene. A month back, I was inspired to live life aesthetically. This is my last semester in UTAR, and this is my only time to experiment with different presentation styles.

There were many ideas running through my head. I thought of spiking my hair, painting my nails black, putting eyeliner under my eyes and getting trick blade to slit my wrist. I wanted to pull of the classic emo kid look. I know that the lecturer will understand the joke. He is a wonderful lecturer with a good sense of humour. I wouldn't have pulled such an act had it been my Chemistry or Process Control lecturer.

Out of all the thousand things, I only manage to pull off black shirt and jeans. The chance of donning the other props disappeared this morning. I did not manage to secure them. I had watched Hunger Games with my friends last night, which left me rushing to complete the slides for today's presentation.

I couldn't sleep last night. My usual over-confidence was replaced by uncertainty at this new presentation style. I KNOW that I can do an impromptu presentation. I BELIEVE that it will go well. What I really wanted deep down is to leave an impression. I wanted them to remember cumene.

There is no way they would forget it. When the time came for me to present, I placed my speech on the laptop and stared at it for the full 5 seconds. I then began my presentation; introducing the Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire. I heard a few gasp as my friends questioned the relevance of the history lesson. I took a deep breath, and I sighed.

I was in the zone. I describe the usages of cumene as only intermediate. I made it obvious that it was depressing. The audience burst into laughter when I describe phenol as the classic self centered spouse in the relationship. I drove home the point that it was ALL about phenol. By now, my classmates understood the direction I was heading towards. Dr. Leong commented after we have finished that I was imba (it's a praise; much akin to "off the chart")

I felt more than a sense of relief when I took my seat after the presentation. I felt accomplished. I felt I have made myself proud. I was walking on sunshine.
If you are anything like me, you have suffered from difficulty getting up in the morning.
Every night, you would roll in bed trying to find the most comfortable spot and when you finally doze off, it morning. That's when your bed becomes the most blissful place to be in.
Don't you just hate the irony?
I have finally found my way of waking up in the morning.
It does require stimulants, but its all free.
Our body is attuned with the nature and it’s natural to wake up when sun goes up. It’s how our ancestors lived for ages before invention of electricity. If sunrise time is too early for you, still start your morning bathing in the light. Light is a natural cue to our brain that it’s time to wake up --howtowakeupearly.com
 I like to keep my room completely dark when I sleep. The curtains provided more than shield from the light, it keeps me from worrying about things lurking outside my window (I have been watching a lot of horror movies lately >_<)
In the morning, the curtains still block out the sunlight. I will have to get up to let the light in and believe me, its really easy to leave the room dark and cold which is perfect for more snooze.
So how do I drag myself out of bed?

With exercise.
This is a no brainer. We are told that exercise is good for the body but how do we take the action?

My maternal uncle and auntie suffers from diabetes.
My chances of getting it is pretty high, so I use that as motivation to get out of bed.
I have been running every morning for the past week and this morning, I could hear a little voice shouting at me to wake up.
Running in the morning is the best because you will get sunlight.
Seratonin, the neurotranmitter responsible for the feeling of wellness requires sunlight.
With enough sunlight, our body will synthesis this hormone, which also help to wake us up.

Perfect weather for a run!
In a nutshell, get up tomorrow morning and go for a walk in the sun. The first couple of days will be difficult, but soon you will find yourself craving to wake up in the morning. Oh, sleeping before midnight helps too. Just be sure to dim your room lights before snoozing.
Its 4.01am and I have a basketball meeting with my friends later.
So, what am I doing awake so early in the morning?

An idea. I had an idea, but it only works in an ideal world.
I thought about it a year back during one of those sleepless nights.
I must have been hungry, so my thought gravitated towards UTAR's horrible cafeteria food.
I thought about how terrible the food was and yet they charge us too much.
I wondered if something could be done, that was when the idea struck me.
In an ideal world, where trust is a currency my plan would have worked.

Tonight I revisited the idea.

The biggest weakness in my plan was still there. Its extremely glaring; the plan will be too chaotic since the customer can wipe us out of business on day 1.

Looking back, making money from others just isn't a part of me.

I remember when I was young, I asked my dad if I could promote my prized Bata school shoes.
I had just washed them and they were spectacularly white.
I wanted to do an advert for free.
My dad had told me that nothing is free.

More than a decade later and the idea was not much different from when I was younger.
Too idealistic.
How to keep your brain fit? 
Do this exercise for 20 minutes a day to improve your fluid intelligence (the part of the brain that creates ways to solve new problems)

There's an article on Wired that explains in great detail the difference between fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.
If you need to be convinced about the benefits of this program, then read here.
Article here : Wired

Otherwise, you can download this program and get started.
Here's the link : Brain Workshop

Its becomes more difficult and more frustrating as the number of n-back increases. 
I think that was the reason why I quit after half a month of working on it. 
Let me know how well you did : )
That one step

The world rewards our action,
Without favour or prejudice.
The results will be the same,
For actions that are the same.
Breaking from the comfort zone,
Depends on the mindset.
In pursuit of excellence,
Leave behind your limitations.
You can be more

Dance with me.
I was challenged. Be prepared to see an update by the end of the week.

Many of my friends have started their industrial training.
My 2 other friends and I enjoyed 2 weeks of holiday, and we will be starting work on the 15th.
So what have I been up to all these while?
For almost a week, I had problems with the home internet.
I called up TMnet, which told me that the problem wasn't on their part.
I then passed the modem to our seller, who kept it for 3 days and returned it in the same condition; still faulty.
I called Belkin helpline myself and the customer support suggested that I update the software, which promptly solved the problem (thanks Jayden.  You're a lifesaver. I didn't download Machinarium though, it was taking too long).
So, while I was away from the web, I picked up a (useless) skill.
I thought myself how to juggle and after 1.5 weeks, here's the result.

Comments? : )
They make me happy.